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Solarization – Eric McLenaghan Introduction Solarization is the practice of covering an area of soil with a clear plastic which allows sunlight to pass through. This will then heat up the soil temperatures to levels that are lethal to weeds, and other soil pests. Solarization is a useful technique to use on an area of […]


Flaming – Eric McLenaghan Introduction Flaming can be a viable option for in-crop weed control in some crops. Flaming is accomplished by using a small directed flame created using liquid propane or natural gas. The flame burns small weeds, killing them while not harming the crop. The flames are positioned between the rows of crops […]


Seed Bed Sterilization – Garth Stang Introduction – Another way to deplete the soil seed bank is to germinate the weed seeds, and then kill them before the crop comes up. There are many ways to break seed dormancy, like scaring the seeds, and exposing them to light or air. This can be done with […]


Boiling Water or Steam as Forms of Thermal Control – Brayden Connor Introduction The use of high temperatures to control weeds is common in both large farming operations as well as small gardens or plots.  Flamers, infrared radiation, as well as hot water or steam all are efficient at destroying plants and preventing seeds from […]


High Pressure Grit Spraying as an Abrasive Weed Control Method – Brayden Connor Introduction A new organic weed control agent being researched and tried out by a few farmers is the use of grits from processed crops such as corn or tough seed coats. In a study done by Frank Forcella found that even when […]