Tillage With No Crop

Image used under Public Domain http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Discing_a_field_before_planting_flax_-_NARA_-_283918.jpg

Source: U.S. National Archives and Records Administration


Summerfallow Tillage – Austen Preete Summerfallow tillage is a useful technique when wanting to reduce the seedbank within a field. Since there is not a crop being grown that season, the grower has the ability to allow the entire weed population to germinate before a tillage practice is applied. The goal is to allow as […]


Tandem Discs – Nathan Slobodian From the use of using a set of tandem disc, farmer can effectively control weeds in low-lying areas that are often unable to seed or spray through at the start of the season.  These areas often become infested with weeds, that if left can produce seed and spread throughout the […]

Fall Harrowing

Harrowing In The Fall – Matthew Smith Why do we use this technique and what problem are we addressing? On our farm we harrow in the fall to break up crop residue and also to initiate the winter annual weeds growth so they germinate then the first frost can kill them off. We were addressing […]