Post-Seed Tillage

 Post-Seeding Tillage – Garrett Foley

By using the method of Post-seeding tillage the operator is able to control shallow seeded small seeded weeds. This is accomplished by the implement tilling above the depth of the desired crop and redistributing the soil above the crop layer to get rid of small weeds that have developed before emergence. Post-seeding tillage may be done by harrowing or using a rod-weeder.  Best done on a warm, sunny day when the soil surface is dry.  It is important that the crop has not germinated into the tillage zone.  Using implements such as harrows or a rod-weeder work well when used a week after seeding. These tools can be used in crops which include cereals, pulses and other deep seeded crops.  However there are several disadvantages like the potential for increased soil erosion, compaction moisture loss, and higher fuel bills. I feel that post-seeding tillage is a very effective technique, and has been used on our organic farm several times and have been pleased with the results and have incorporated both harrowing and rod-weeding into our system.

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