The video I chose focuses on the process of speciation, the change in gene pools and how it all happens. It goes into detail showing how speciation started all the way back when Pangea had split apart. The video uses Australia and some of its distinct species to show the four different steps that occur is speciation while also explaining how natural selection and extinction play a role.

Why watch this video?

  • Have you ever wondered how new species on the Earth are formed?
  • Would you like to know how different species and plants adapt in regions?
  • Have you ever been confused by the way animals go extinct and how it happens?

 Key terms

Speciation: The process of creating new species from ones that have previously existed

Gene Pool: The genetic material that is found within one whole population

Natural Selection: An important part in evolution where the species that is more equipped and adapted to a specific environment will have a better chance of surviving.

Loose ends

  1. During the video it mentions gene pools quite often without actually explaining what it is.We learn how gene pools can be split into different pools. When it says gene pool the it is meaning the genetic material of all individuals in a population.
  2. We learn that when speciation is going to occur, an animal will have to be isolated. This happened when Pangea broke apart and Australia became separated from all other land masses. To help us better understand, we need to know what isolation exactly is. Isolation is when there is a lack of interbreeding or mating due to geographic barriers.
  3. During the video we also learn that about how natural selection and evolution play a role in speciation. Without understanding evolution, it would be harder to know how natural selection works. When natural selection occurs and only the fittest individuals survive, this makes evolution occur because the genetic information of successful individuals is passed along to the next generation.

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