This video provides a brief history of how Earth was formed and a very brief statement on the moon forming as well. In short, heavier materials that could withstand heat resisted the solar winds from the young sun and remained semi-close to it while lighter materials blew outward into space. The heavier material came together to form a very early planet Earth.

Why watch this video?

  • Have you ever wondered when the Earth was formed?
  • Would you like to know how the Earth and moon were formed?
  • Have you ever been confused by how Earth layered itself into the inner core and outer crust?

Key terms

Solar Nebula – A large cloud of dust and gas existing in space. The bodies of the solar system were created through this solar nebula.

Solar Wind – Charged particles being released from the upper atmosphere of the sun, creating a stream.

Theia –  A planet that existed in the solar system and collided with early Earth roughly 4.5 billion years ago.

Loose ends

What happened to Theia after it hit the Earth? There is no definitive answer but with all the energy created from the impact, the smaller planet Theia may have been totally vaporized in the collision. (Scudder, 2016)

How did the solar nebula form? The answer to this is much simpler; gravity pulled dust and gas together to form the solar nebula. (Redd, 2017)

Are we sure the icy comets brought water to Earth? No, there are actual many hypotheses on why water is so abundant on Earth, especially because it is needed for life and we have more than other planets. (Burtnyk, 2012)

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