This video focuses on how deltas are created. It discusses how coastlines bend in either an inward or outward direction where rivers meet the ocean. As well, it discusses what the role of the ice age and glaciers play in the development of deltas and estuaries throughout time.

Have you ever wondered how long ago deltas were formed?

Would you like to know how rivers developed?

Have you ever been confused by what makes sea levels rise or fall?
Loose end #1:

What is the difference between a delta and an estuary?

A Delta is a formation of land that develops when a river leaves behind sediment deposits when it leaves its mouth and flows into slower moving water. An estuary is a body of water along the coastline where the river meets the sea.

Loose end #2:

Why are deltas important?

Deltas are important because the sediment is very fertile and the vegetation is dense and diverse. This benefits human activities as well as fish and wildlife.

Loose end #3:

What is the ice age? When did it occur?

An ice age is when there is a long period of reduction of temperature on Earths surface and in the atmosphere. This creates polar ice sheets and glaciers. The last ice age was 2.6 million years ago and lasted about 11,700 years.

Question: What is a coast?
Answer a: The edge of land near the sea.
Answer b: The opening of a river into the sea.
Answer c: A type of volcano.
Answer d: A riverbed.
What’s the answer and why?
A – a coast is where the land meets the sea, also known as coastline or seashore.


Question 2

Question: How were estuaries formed after the ice age?
Answer a: Flooding from rain
Answer b: Warmer temperatures
Answer c: Sediment buildup
Answer d: Plate movement
What’s the answer and why?
B – Warm temperatures because it  melted the ice and the rising sea levels flooded the river valleys creating estuaries and forming the inward deltas along the ocean coastline.


Question 3

Question: When did the climate start to warm begin to melt the ice?
Answer a: 18000 years ago
Answer b: 10,000 years ago
Answer c: 13,000 years ago
Answer d: 15,000 years ago
What’s the answer and why?
A-8000 years ago


Question 4

Question: How the channels of a delta created?
Answer a: Volcanoes form
Answer b: Layers of the Earth’s crust break off
Answer c: Plates in the Earth’s crust shift causing land to rise
Answer d: Rivers leave deposits of sediment which build up in the openings where the rive meets the coastline.
What’s the answer and why?
D because as sediment deposits grow the form larger land masses and cause the water to move around the sediment deposits.


Question 5

Question: Which one of the following is not a Delta?
Answer a: Nile
Answer b: Kentucky
Answer c: Colorado
Answer d: Mississippi
What’s the answer and why?
Kentucky because it is a state of the United States.


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