Copyright,  Remote Teaching

Copyright and Remote Teaching

As you prepare for remote teaching this fall, you need to keep in mind issues related to copyright. The following key points were made in the USask version of the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARLs’) copyright guidance released as the University quickly shifted to remote teaching in March:

  1. Most of the legal issues are the same whether the teaching is done in person or online.
  2. If it was okay to do in class, it is often okay to do online – especially when your online access is limited to the same enrolled students.
  3. You can continue to apply the University of Saskatchewan (USask) Fair Dealing Guidelines.

The following resources have been created to help you in determining what you can and can’t do with copyrighted materials when teaching in a remote format.

In addition, if you will be showing copyrighted videos or other media within your course(s) being delivered remotely, you should include the following statement within the same page in the LMS as you are sharing that media:

“You are receiving access to this teaching resource under s. 30.01 of the Copyright Act, for use in this class only. Under this section of the Copyright Act, you are not permitted to keep a copy of this content after the course has finished.”

As noted in an earlier post, there are also considerations around student created works, such as posters. See Online Presentations and Poster Sessions Within Canadian Copyright Guidelines for more information.

For any questions related to copyright, please contact the U of S Copyright Coordinator, Kate Langrell.

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