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How Do I Set Up My Notifications in Canvas?

As you’re getting started with Canvas, you’ll want to set up a few things to make it work more like the way you’d like.    

Within Canvas you’ll find a button under which it says Account. When you click on that you’ll see a list of links including Notifications, Profile, Files, Settings, and some other things we won’t worry about for right now.   

Notifications is where you can specify how and how often you receive notifications about updates within your courses in Canvas. These may include posts to discussion forums, submission of assignments, students signing up for appointments, etc. This resource created by Canvas details how to set up your notifications: 

Profile is where you can add a picture of yourself that will be your avatar, or profile picture, in all of your courses within Canvas. You can also add a brief biography and links to your website, Twitter account, or your presence on other online sites.   

Files is where you can store and fine any files used in your course within Canvas. There will be a folder for “My Files” and one for each course you have in Canvas. You can learn more about accessing and using Files in this resource created by Canvas:

Finally, Settings is where you can indicate what you want your display name to be for various purposes in the course (Discussions and Grading), your time zone, and contact information. See this resource for more information on how to change your settings: 

Places to Explore Further and Get Support for Canvas 

  • Everyone on our team is ready to help you with the transition to Canvas! Workshops for setting up your courses are available now for registration 
  • Canvas instructor videos and guides are available for those who prefer more independent learning or for those wanting to familiarize themselves with all the options. These guides are arranged by a Table of Contents at the top of the page, followed by video or guides for every Canvas topic you can imagine, alphabetically by category.  
  • For more information on technical and design support from our USask experts, or to contact Canvas help lines or live chats 24/7, please see Introducing Canvas on USask’s Training site. 
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