Message regarding a theft from local wildlife charity

Following is a message from the president of the Western College of Veterinary Medicine Wild and Exotic Animal Society:
$500 Stolen from Local Wildlife Charity
On Monday April 9th, 2007 at approximately 2:30pm, $500 was stolen from WEAMS, the Wild and Exotic Animal Medicine Society, a non-profit charity at the University of Saskatchewan’s Western College of Veterinary
Medicine. WEAMS had just held a fundraising BBQ and during clean up a small gray metal cash box with a tiny horse sticker and a key with red elastic was left out of sight on a chair for approximately two minutes. During this time the cash box was taken and no one witnessed the crime.
WEAMS is a veterinary student run organization dedicated to the care of sick and injured wildlife species that are brought to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital by the public. Our volunteers not only work
extremely hard to rehabilitate and release our wild patients but also raise money for their care. WEAMS students were in the process of raising that money through both a BBQ and raffle when the cash box and the money contained within it were stolen.
If you have any information in regards to this incident
please contact:
Cheri Galatiuk
2006-2007 WEAMS president
229-1746 or
End of Announcement
Anyone with information regarding this theft can also contact the Department of Campus Safety at 966-555 or the Campus Crime Stoppers Tip Line at 966-TIPS (8477)
Referring File # 2007-05582