Winter is Coming

Sorry, this isn’t a post about Game of Thrones! However, we do have a spoiler alert for you: Winter is coming, and Protective Services and SGI want you to be prepared for winter driving:

“You don’t know exactly when winter’s coming and it happens very quickly when it does come,” said Ryan Jacobson, CEO of the Saskatchewan Safety Council. “The challenge is that drivers have to adapt driving behaviours very quickly, sometimes within a day or overnight.”

SGI: “With snow and colder temperatures on the horizon, throughout November police across the province will be on the lookout for people driving too fast for road conditions. From November 2013 to March 20141, driving too fast for road conditions was cited as a contributing factor in 1,511 collisions in Saskatchewan, resulting in seven deaths and 617 injuries.”

Follow this link for more information from SGI about safe winter driving.