Rental Scam

Campus Safety wants to make the University Community aware of potential rental property scams in the Saskatoon classifieds.
Over the last two weeks, Saskatoon Police have been made aware of incidents where persons seeking accommodations have come across advertisements that are not legitimate. In reported cases, the complainants were asked to send a deposit to the person holding the property in the form of a money gram.
If a person is looking for accommodation either through an Internet site or in the paper, take steps to protect yourself from fraud. Make a follow up call to the renter, preferable through a land line.
Please call University Crime stoppers @ 966-TIPS if you have information on these reported scams.

Traffic Safety “Stop Signs”

Stop Sign.BMP
Every year in Canada approximately 3,000 people die and an additional 19,000 are seriously injured in traffic collisions. On an average year in Canada there are 675,000 traffic collisions.
More than 40 per cent of all traffic accidents in Saskatchewan and about one quarter of all fatal traffic accidents occur at intersections.
Most fatal collisions at intersections happened because a driver ignored or missed the traffic control device.
Stop signs, Yield signs, and Traffic Control Lights are in place to control the flow of vehicles on highways.
The fine for disobeying a traffic control device is $230.00 and 4 points against your driver’s license under the Driver Improvement Program.
The fines are aimed at highlighting the serious safety implications of traffic violations at intersections and assist in deterring drivers from engaging in these dangerous actions.
In our effort to ensure public safety on campus roads, we want people to know that our members are out there actively enforcing our traffic safety laws, as well as looking for unsafe vehicles and impaired drivers.

Bike Patrol

Summer is here and we want everyone to know so is our Bike Patrol. On Each operational team there are a minimum of two officers dedicated to the bike patrol unit. These Officers are outfitted in highly visible specialized biking equipment. The Bike patrol runs day and night, so please if you have any questions or concerns wave down a bike patrol officer and they will be glad to help you!
Remember now with all the bikes out, there is a rising theft concern so please call 966-5555 if you see any suspicious behavior.