Responsible Drivers Keep Roads Safe after BBQ

Campus Safety was out in full force on Monday evening as the Edward’s School of Business held its annual “LB5Q”, the largest student-run party in all of Canada. Peace officers issued just one suspension for driving with a blood alcohol content over 0.05, and another for a novice-level driver operating a vehicle after consuming alcohol of any amount, with most students choosing other options for getting home from campus after the party. Forty-three tickets under the Alcohol and Gaming Regulations Act (AGRA) and three traffic offences rounded out the night.
Although the Edwards School of Business Students’ Society (ESBS) holds the actual barbecue away from the university, Campus Safety works closely with the ESBS to ensure the safety of those involved during the before and after portions of the event.

Email Fraud: IMPORTANT NOTICE!!! ICT Help Desk

Please be aware of the following (and similar) email frauds on the Internet claiming to be from official sources at the university.
Although this email may look official, the real ICT Help Desk (or any other computer resource on campus) will never ask for your username or password; and you should always be suspect of any link provided in an email. If you receive this email or one similar, please delete it immediately.
If you still have concerns over your account after deleting the email, contact the ICT Help Desk at 966-4717.
Begin Fraudulent Email:
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Authorised by: Dr. Rick Bunt, Chief Information Officer and Associate
Vice President Information and Communications Technology.
ICT Help Desk,
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Learn About Safety and Get Free Stuff in the Bowl

Come see us in the bowl today and tomorrow from 10am until 3pm where you can safely experience the hindrance caused by intoxication as you attempt to maneuver a pedal-car while under the influence of our ‘beer goggles’.
We also have an abundance of free giveaway items and candy for you to enjoy! Also, don’t forget to use this opportunity to ask us questions about safety on campus, and the services we offer to help you remain secure.

Campus Safety Pleased with Traffic Speeds

University Peace Officers monitored over 150 vehicles yesterday and issued only five tickets for speeding and two warnings.
With the high number of bicycles and pedestrians combined with our curvy roads, it is important to drive safely and be aware of those around you; and remember the university speed limit is 40km/h on all roadways.

Theft from Vehicles

Campus Safety would like to remind faculty, staff and students to protect their valuables while leaving their vehicles parked on campus.
Sometime over the night of September 3rd and 4th, seven vehicles parked in U Lot in McEown Park had their contents removed, with an eighth vehicle having been stolen completely. Vehicle owners are reminded to remove all items such as keys, shopping bags, purses and ipods from their vehicles, and ensure all doors and windows are shut and locked. Theft from vehicles is a crime of opportunity, and often the more difficult a vehicle is to steal from, the less likely it will be a target.
Please report all suspicious activity in or around campus parking lots immediately to Campus Safety at 966-5555

See Us at LIVE Expo!

Come see Campus Safety at LIVE Expo where you can learn about what we do, how we protect our university, and ways that you can stay safe on campus.
LIVE Expo is an opportunity for new students to interact with over 100 booth participants right on campus in the Education Gym. There are interactive booths, promotional contests, games, and freebies to help you learn more about your campus!
Please visit the U of S Orientation page for more information on this and other events throughout the week.