Obstructed windows – Risky and pricey

Large variances in temperature can cause vehicle windows to become fogged or ice covered, which can lead to reduced visibility and make driving difficult. Operating a motor vehicle without a clear view of the road and area around you can lead to collisions with other vehicles, pedestrians or objects near the roadway.
Driving without a clear view can also lead to a $125 fine.
Please plan ahead and scrape all your windows clear and allow fog and mist to disappear before driving.

Valentine’s Traffic Project Results

U of S Peace Officers wrote ten tickets to drivers in relation to SGI’s Operation Crossroads on February 14th and 15th. Over 400 tickets were issued to drivers across the province for various offences:

  • 147 for disobeying red lights/stop signs
    three for failing to yield to pedestrians

  • 15 for pedestrians disobeying walk signal
  • 53 cellphone violations
  • 61 seatbelt violations
  • 78 speeding violations
    seven for prohibited driving
    one for impaired driving

  • 57 various other infractions

How to Report Suspicious Activity

If you witness a crime or suspicious activity, call Campus Safety immediately and report what you observed (306-966-5555 or just 5555 on campus).
Use these tips to help when calling:

  • Do not confront the subject or subjects; be a good witness.
  • Provide Campus Safety with a physical description of the subject; scars, facial hair and tattoos help identify subjects.
  • Provide Campus Safety with a detailed clothing description of what the subject was wearing, such as, red shirt, blue baseball cap, white tennis shoes.
  • Provide Campus Safety with how many subjects were involved and their gender.
    Inform Campus Safety of any vehicles that were involved and their description.

  • Vehicle descriptions are very important; licence plate number, make of vehicle, colour, condition of vehicle and any bumper stickers or distinguishing items on the vehicle.
  • If vehicles or subjects leave the area, provide Campus Safety with the last known direction of travel.
  • Stay on the telephone as long as possible with police.
  • Providing name and call back number would help Campus Safety in case they need to contact you for further information or in case your call is disconnected.