Results from Traffic Blitz

Campus Safety surveyed over 900 vehicles on November 14th and 15th during the traffic blitz where drivers were assessed for their seatbelt and mobile device while on campus roadways. Officers issued six tickets for use of an electronic communication device while driving, one ticket for obstructed view, and one for disobey stop sign.
That is good news for the campus community as the vast majority of motorists were found to be driving safely and wearing their seatbelt.

Nov 14th and 15th Traffic Blitz

Campus Safety will be participating in “Operation Hang Up… Buckle Up” next week as part of a province-wide traffic safety blitz. Fines will be given to motorists who are found driving without their seatbelt and/or while using a cellphone.
According to SGI: “Lack of seatbelt use and cellphone use while driving. On average, distracted driving, which includes cellphone use, contributes to more than 9,400 collisions each year, resulting in about 2,400 injuries and 50 deaths. Seven per cent of all injuries and 35 per cent of all fatalities in collisions involve improper seatbelt use, resulting in 448 injuries and 55 fatalities.”