Free Safety Videos Online!

Campus Safety would like to remind everyone about the “360° Stay Safe” videos online at the Campus Safety website. These videos include topics such as protecting your safe travels, stalking and everyday safety.
The top three most popular chapters since going online in February are Protecting your Possessions, Student Assaults, and Common-Sense Defence.

March Madness Results

Campus Safety is happy to report that the majority of drivers on campus last week drove with care and attention on campus roads. Of those who were found in violation, the following citations were served:
16 Speeding
1 – Disobey Stop Sign
1 – Unregistered vehicle
1 – Stunting
Campus Safety also issued three warning tickets, with no fine attached, two for speeding and one for using a cellphone while driving.
Please mark April 18th and 19th down on your calendar when we will be focusing on driving with cellphones and without seatbelts.

March Madness Today and Tomorrow!

A reminder that Campus Safety will be heavily patrolling Campus Drive and North Road today and tomorrow watching for any and all dangerous driving offences.
Campus Safety has joined forces with other Saskatchewan Traffic Enforcement Agencies to encourage safe driving at all times. U of S Peace Officers will be issuing citations for these offences, so please drive safely!

Busy Weekend for Campus Safety

Campus Safety responded to 112 calls for service this weekend, issued ten citations for alcohol and traffic offences, and made two arrests for alcohol and criminal code related offences.
Officers also maintained regular patrols through various buildings on campus reporting 84 individual walks throughout the day and night.

Sexual Assault Update

University of Saskatchewan Students, Faculty and Staff:
Further to my Feb. 17 email, I want to provide you with an update regarding the report of a sexual assault against a female occurring in McEown Park student residence on the university’s Saskatoon campus in early January 2012. On March 1, 2012, a male University of Saskatchewan student was arrested by Campus Safety and Saskatoon Police Services, and was charged with sexual assault in relation to this incident. This student has been removed from campus residences and his access to the campus has been restricted.
Since the matter is now before the courts, and because of the provisions of The Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, I’m not able to provide you any further details about this particular case. However, if you have any other questions or concerns, please contact my office at
David Hannah, Associate Vice-President Student Affairs

March Madness

This month the joint two day traffic initiative will focus on aggressive drivers. On March 14 and 15, U of S peace officers will be focusing on speeding, driving with undue care and attention, racing, and other dangerous behaviours. Officers will also be looking for other offences as well, all in an effort to encourage safe driving on campus.