Choosing the Right Bike Lock

Although no bicycle lock is invincible, it doesn’t make sense to leave your expensive bicycle on campus secured with an inexpensive lock. A general rule is that you should spend at least 10% of the value of your bicycle on your locking system. Also, when you plan to leave your bike locked for a long period of time or in a high-risk area, use TWO locks, not one, as this will make thieves less likely to steal your bike as they will search for an easier target.

The highest security locksĀ resemble the images below – U-Locks or Chain-Locks are generally the best you can get.

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 9.34.32 AM Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 9.34.40 AM Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 9.34.54 AM


Cable locks, like the one below, are very common but are also the weakest of the locks. While lighter and easier to use than the heavy-duty locks above, they can be cut with the simplest of tools making them a favourite for would-be thieves.

On campus, cable locks should be reserved for use in tandem with a high security lock like that above, and not as your only locking solution.


Also, remember that “Quick Release” means quick release, so if your bike is equipped with quick release skewers as below, unsecured tires and seats may go missing.


Protect yourself by securing your wheels and your frame together with multiple locks, bring your tires and seat with you, or replace your quick release skewers with something lockable.


Always remember to record your bicycle’s Serial Number in case it is stolen; it will be required for Protective Services to be able to add it to the police database so it can be recovered. Without a serial number, the chances of finding your stolen bike are very low.

If your bike has gone missing, or for other advice, please contact Protective Services at 306-966-5555.

Securing Your Bicycle

For many students and staff at the University of Saskatchewan, their bicycle is their primary source of transportation throughout the year. We at Protective Services recognize the value of every bicycle on campus and have many innovative programs to help ensure that your bike remains safe. However, we do need your help as well. To keep your bike as safe as possible while you are on campus the USSU and Protective Services recommend the following:

  • An investment in a high quality lock system is an investment in the future of your bike. Use a good quality U-lock to lock your bike frame to the bike rack with a cable lock through the tires and frame for additional security. Cable locks by themselves are not secure. Most bike thefts reported this year have been cable or chain locked.
  • Write down your bike make, model and serial number and keep this information at home. In the event that your bike is stolen, we will require this information to try to recover it. Bike serial numbers are usually imprinted on the underside of the bike frame.
  • An unattended bike is easy prey for thieves. Never leave your bike overnight or over the weekend. Thieves will note which bikes have not been moved and will be happy to try to move them for you.
  • ALWAYS lock your bike. Even if you only have to run in for a minute.
  • Phone Protective Services immediately if you notice anyone suspicious around the bike racks. It takes only a minute for a bike thief to sever a cable lock. Remember that all payphones have a direct dial button to Protective Services.

If your bicycle is stolen while on campus, please contact Protective Services as soon as possible at 306-966-5555. We will ask for information about your bike, such as make, model, serial number, color etc. We will initiate a report, and register your bike as stolen on a police computer system. If your bike is recovered at any time we will be able to contact you and return your bike.

All Valuables Removed

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U of S Protective Services together with the Saskatoon Police Service are reminding vehicle owners to protect themselves by removing valuables from their cars while they are parked on campus, or elsewhere.

Based on a similar, successful program in Edmonton, the SPS has developed signs which can be displayed in the windows of vehicles declaring “All Valuables Removed”. The signs are designed to remind motorists to remove valuables from their vehicles when parking them, and to deter thieves from entering the vehicle and stealing items.

Vehicle owners on campus may find these signs on their windshields where officers may have marked whether their vehicle appeared to be safe, or if valuables were obviously visible or insecure.

Drivers can re-use the signs afterward for their dashboard to alert would-be thieves that there is nothing of value inside their car or as a reminder to themselves to ensure valuables are not left behind.

Please stop by our office at 72 Campus Drive if you would like a one of these cards for your vehicle and did not receive one while it was parked.

How to Report Suspicious Activity

If you witness a crime or suspicious activity, call Campus Safety immediately and report what you observed (306-966-5555 or just 5555 on campus).
Use these tips to help when calling:

  • Do not confront the subject or subjects; be a good witness.
  • Provide Campus Safety with a physical description of the subject; scars, facial hair and tattoos help identify subjects.
  • Provide Campus Safety with a detailed clothing description of what the subject was wearing, such as, red shirt, blue baseball cap, white tennis shoes.
  • Provide Campus Safety with how many subjects were involved and their gender.
    Inform Campus Safety of any vehicles that were involved and their description.

  • Vehicle descriptions are very important; licence plate number, make of vehicle, colour, condition of vehicle and any bumper stickers or distinguishing items on the vehicle.
  • If vehicles or subjects leave the area, provide Campus Safety with the last known direction of travel.
  • Stay on the telephone as long as possible with police.
  • Providing name and call back number would help Campus Safety in case they need to contact you for further information or in case your call is disconnected.

Free Stuff in Main Library Today!

Campus Safety will be setup in the Main Library today from 10:30am until 2:30pm giving out free goodies, information about safety on campus, and instruction on how to sign up for USafe – the U of S mass notification system.
Come visit us, ask questions, take home loot, and learn!

Learn About Safety and Get Free Stuff in the Bowl

Come see us in the bowl today and tomorrow from 10am until 3pm where you can safely experience the hindrance caused by intoxication as you attempt to maneuver a pedal-car while under the influence of our ‘beer goggles’.
We also have an abundance of free giveaway items and candy for you to enjoy! Also, don’t forget to use this opportunity to ask us questions about safety on campus, and the services we offer to help you remain secure.

See Us at LIVE Expo!

Come see Campus Safety at LIVE Expo where you can learn about what we do, how we protect our university, and ways that you can stay safe on campus.
LIVE Expo is an opportunity for new students to interact with over 100 booth participants right on campus in the Education Gym. There are interactive booths, promotional contests, games, and freebies to help you learn more about your campus!
Please visit the U of S Orientation page for more information on this and other events throughout the week.

Bike Thefts on Campus

Campus Safety would like to remind all cyclists to properly secure their bicycles while on campus. The warmer means there are many more bicycles on campus, which also means more bike thieves on campus.
Remember to use a strong bicycle lock, park in areas where people regularly walk, and check on your bike throughout the day. Also keep records of your sales receipts, and bicycle serial number in case your bike does get stolen – without this information, locating a stolen bicycle is unlikely.