Delivery Modes

DOC works with colleges and departments of the University and external partners to develop and deliver certificate and degree courses/programs for off-campus and distance education students. We use a wide variety of delivery methods and work most closely with Saskatchewan’s regional colleges, NORTEP and several First Nations.

For more information about courses delivered in each mode by term, see the CCDE Program Guide.

Online Courses in Blackboard 9

These are degree-level and certificate classes that are offered entirely online or may have substantial online components. Online classes are in the Blackboard Learning Management System and offer the advantages of online discussions and electronically submitted assignments. An online course usually requires a textbook(s), has online readings or PDFs, provides learning activities, and includes audio, videos, graphics, animations, simulations, or tutorials […]

Independent Studies

These classes used to be called correspondence classes. They include a print package consisting of a Course Syllabus (updated each term) and a Course Guide of learning modules to direct students through the class. Readings are provided online in the Blackboard Learning Management System, so students need access to a computer. Independent Studies classes have a section number […]

Televised Instruction

Televised classes are offered at up to 50 receiving sites in Saskatchewan. The classes comprise televised lectures, a live televised interactive discussion with the professor each week, a discussion period at each receiving site, locally-based tutors or proctors to facilitate discussion and learning at sites that have six or more students, telephone or email access to the professor at no charge, […]