Web-Conferencing Sessions

As a part of your online class you may want to host live online sessions using a Collaborate web-conferencing meeting room. It’s a user-friendly tool that could assist in developing your connection with learners. A Collaborate web-conference would be useful for

  • regular online office hours
  • group engagement
  • guest presentations
  • student presentations
  • seminars

In a Collaborate web-conference you are able to

  • share an interactive whiteboard
  • upload a PowerPoint presentation
  • use a web cam
  • live chat
  • use a microphone
  • record your web conference
  • share your desktop
  • go on a live web-tour
  • conduct polling
  • create break-out rooms

Watch the following video for a quick overview of Collaborate.

For more information about using Collaborate visit the Web Conferencing page on the ICT Services & Support website.