Digital Learning Ideas

Online courses need more than just a list of readings and a final exam to be engaging and successful. Today there are literally thousands of ways to develop online activities and interactions that will keep your students motivated. Here are but a few ideas for online teaching strategies and activities that we have developed to help motivate creative curriculum design for effective online learning. All Digital Learning Ideas presented here are linked to the University of Saskatchewan’s Learning Charter‘s Core Learning Goals.


Course Trailer

You have likely seen movie trailers; those short videos that are designed to capture the interest of the audience to get them interested in seeing movies.  You may want to consider creating your own course trailer.  Create a short video that would give learners a quick glimpse of your course and the connections you hope […]

Learning Videos

Short learning videos are a great addition to an online class.  They are an opportunity to develop a connection with learners while sharing content in a meaningful way. Our team can assist with the production of these learning resources. Consider the following: Is there something in your module that you would like to show learners rather […]

Captivate Activities

Adobe Captivate is software that we can use to engage learners by designing a variety of short interactive activities. These activities can be used to supplement your written learning material. Rather than just watching a video, Captivate activities can be designed to get learners clicking and responding to the content you are sharing with them. […]

Digital Analysis

A new twist on the Reading Analysis. This activity has you, the learner, summarizing, synthesizing and/or analyzing readings and media that are part of the core course content, and gives you the opportunity to apply your understanding of the material in a real way. Traditionally these written analyses would be submitted to the instructor as […]

Digital Literacy

Image used under CC BY SA license from CollegeDegrees360 Digital Literacy is becoming an increasingly important set of skills for both instructors and students. Knowledge and skills around copyright, open licensing, information sharing, digital footprints, and managing your online presence should be well understood by anyone using, or contributing to, the world wide web. Here […]

Web-Conferencing Sessions

As a part of your online class you may want to host live online sessions using a Collaborate web-conferencing meeting room. It’s a user-friendly tool that could assist in developing your connection with learners. A Collaborate web-conference would be useful for regular online office hours group engagement guest presentations student presentations seminars In a Collaborate web-conference […]


Discussions are often a standard requirement in an online class.  Traditionally a question is posed by the instructor, learners respond to the question and then reply to a required number of peer posts.  Yawn… We need to start thinking outside of the traditional ‘how it has always been done’ approach to discussions.   Review these […]


What are ePortfolios? ePortfolios are digital portfolios that showcase collections of artifacts.  They can be created individually by learners or as a group collaborative project. You may also have seen ePortfolios created at the institution level. Perhaps you want to start your own ePortfolio to archive and reflect on a topic such as your professional […]