Digital Literacy

Image used under CC BY SA license from CollegeDegrees360

Digital Literacy is becoming an increasingly important set of skills for both instructors and students. Knowledge and skills around copyright, open licensing, information sharing, digital footprints, and managing your online presence should be well understood by anyone using, or contributing to, the world wide web. Here are just a few resources you can use to promote responsible digital literacy.

Applying Open Licenses to Your Student Work

Open Licensing Resources Where should I publish my Open Content? Creative Commons publishing communities by content format – How do I mark my work with an Open License? Creative Commons Licensing and Marking Your Content PDF Choose a License that works for you Creative Common Licenses Explained –

Using Licensed Material in Your Student Work

Creative Commons and Copyright Resources Creative Commons Licenses Creative Common Licenses Explained – Canadian Copyright Act U of S Copyright Information U of S Fair Dealing Guidelines U of S Student Rights re: Copyright U of S Student Copyright FAQ