Our Instructional Design Team

“My first experience developing a course with CCDE has been very rewarding. The people at CCDE are incredibly helpful, respectful and knowledgeable. The respect everyone on the team demonstrates towards each others’ areas of expertise and the ease of communication between members and with the course creator greatly facilitated course development. Everyone I have worked with has been helpful and timely in responses to queries. Overall, CCDE made the process educational, easy and enjoyable. My thanks to the team.”

– Dianne Winkelman-Sim, Ph.D (Genetics)
Sessional Lecturer, College of Agriculture and Bioresources,
Dept. Animal and Poultry Science

Instructional Designers (IDs)

Jordan, Jeanette and Kristine work closely with SMEs to come up with innovative design solutions for delivering content and activities in a variety of delivery modes. They ensure appropriate pedagogical principles are embedded in the design plan and provide the SME with options for learning technologies and media solutions that enhance the course and engage the students. Building a trusting and supportive relationship with SMEs is a primary focus for the ID team. Learn more about the Instructional Design Process here.


Instructional Design & Development Assistants

Cheryl and Cindy keep the gears greased and the ball rolling. From word processing and text editing support to assisting in research and sleuthing out articles and other curated materials from the world wide web, libraries, and beyond, the Instructional Design Assistants, simply put, make things happen.

ID Assistants

Instructional Technologies Coordinator (ITC)

Robb Larmer is our technical translator, Blackboard bug slayer, and intermediary for all things {code}. Robb provides the Curriculum Team with support, consultation, and solutions around learning technologies. As our liaise between the Development Team and ICT, Robb translates our needs into technical solutions. Robb also works closely with the SME as they prepare for the pilot delivery of their new development and ensures they are comfortable with the tools and technologies in which their curriculum has been designed. Robb, as with the rest of the Development Team, continues his support throughout the pilot delivery acting as the point of contact for the Instructor should they have any issues or questions.

Copyright Coordinators

Marilyn and Cindy work tirelessly to create and maintain the copyright records for every image, figure, chart, table, article, video, file, and folder that requires copyright clearance. With literally thousands of spreadsheet pages under their belts Cindy and Marilyn’s knowledge and experience is immeasurably valuable to the development process. Finding solutions for clearing important materials the Copyright Coordinators use their understanding of the University’s Fair Dealing Guidelines, Creative Commons Licenses, Open Educational Resources (OERs) and their relationship with the U of S copyright office to ensure that SMEs have a course that is not only compliant with copyright law and policies, but provides the best quality materials to students. The Copyright Team continues to support each and every CCDE delivered course by maintaining records each term. Should you want to update an article, add or remove an image or figure, simply let them know and provide a source. Learn more about how CCDE can support your Copyright needs here.