“Having been involved in distance education for many years (correspondence courses dating back to 1982), and working with online courses since 2001, I have had the opportunity to experience the development process from many perspectives.  With each course development and redevelopment I have seen improvements in design methods and new opportunities for presenting the material to the students.  My most recent experience (GEOG 381 redevelopment) was one of my favourites.  I felt that CCDE were very supportive of my ideas, but also very helpful in making suggestions and creating a product that I felt reflected what I wanted to see.   The positive feedback from students further confirmed this.  For me, it was another great learning experience.”

– Peter Goode, Sessional Lecturer,
Dept. Geography, College of Arts & Science, University of Saskatchewan

Outlining the Curriculum Development Process at CCDE

Once it has been established that your department or college would like to work with the CCDE/DOC curriculum team, the project is assigned to one of our in-house Instructional Designers (ID) to manage.  The ID will develop project timelines based on their experience, discussions with the Department or College and the Subject Matter Expert (SME) and will reflect everyone’s expectations. These timelines will be used to draft the SME’s contract and will typically have milestones attached to a payment schedule. Common payment models can be discussed during the Kickstart meeting.

Here is a sample timeline for a New Course Development from a Kickstart meeting in July through to the Go Live course release in January.

Our Instructional Design Team

“My first experience developing a course with CCDE has been very rewarding. The people at CCDE are incredibly helpful, respectful and knowledgeable. The respect everyone on the team demonstrates towards each others’ areas of expertise and the ease of communication between members and with the course creator greatly facilitated course development. Everyone I have worked […]

Design Templates

“At times it is really difficult to imagine how your face-to-face course will translate to online delivery, especially if the class is really interactive or experiential in nature.  However, the instructional designers provide wonderfully detailed templates and accompanying guidance that take the subject matter experts through the design process in a manageable way.  Trusting in […]

Instructional Design

“Working with Jordan and Jeanette at the CCDE on translating a face-to-face course to its online version was invaluable. I went into the process thinking that writing up our course would be pretty straightforward, and that while the instructional designers may be able to answer a question or two about the online format, we’d be […]


Copyright compliance is often a major concern for Departments and Colleges when developing a new course. With changing Canadian Copyright Laws and new University policies and procedures, it’s often intimidating for Course Authors to curate the content needed to enhance their courses. CCDE understands the need for copyright compliance and provides a complete team of […]