Design Templates

“At times it is really difficult to imagine how your face-to-face course will translate to online delivery, especially if the class is really interactive or experiential in nature.  However, the instructional designers provide wonderfully detailed templates and accompanying guidance that take the subject matter experts through the design process in a manageable way.  Trusting in the process allowed us to design modules that will not only facilitate rich student learning in the online environment, but will also provide lots of resources and tools for teaching in person as well.  No matter how you look at it, our course has become better!”

– Robin Alison Mueller, B.FA, M.CEd, PhD
Department of Educational Administration
University of Saskatchewan

Course Design Plan

Course Design Plan TEMPLATE During the design stage of the process, SMEs and IDs work together to create a “blueprint” of the course. This is an opportunity to see the course from a macro level and aids in achieving the optimal sequencing and chunking of topics, content, and assessments. This design plan will be a […]

Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus TEMPLATE The course syllabus is a legal contract between the instructor and the student. The University of Saskatchewan has strict policies around what must be included in this document. The CCDE course syllabus template, again, provides a simple to follow template that ensures compliance with all University policies around the course syllabus. As […]

Course Module

Course Module TEMPLATE The course module template provides a simple and flexible guideline for developing the modules of instruction that will make up your course. Just-in-time instructions are provided for each section of the module that describe to the SME how and what to write under each heading. The sections outlined in the module ensure […]