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Being an Executive member at the USSU allows you to be the voice of your fellow students!

Whether you’re passionate about student rights, creating positive change, holding the University to account, or just having more fun on campus, consider running in the election or tell a friend who you think would make a great student leader.

To learn more about the Executive roles and elections, visit

2023 USSU General Election Schedule

February 27
Call for nominations for Executive and Senate positions begins. Nomination forms for Senate available at the USSU, Room 110, Upper Place Riel.

March 6
MANDATORY Orientation Meeting for all undergraduate students who wish to run for Executive in the Roy Romanow Student Council Chamber, Room 110.3, Upper Place Riel at 4 pm. Chaired by the USSU Communications & Marketing Manager. Nomination forms for will be available at the Orientation Meeting.

March 9
All Nomination Forms must be delivered to the USSU office by 4:00 pm.

MANDATORY Procedures Meeting for ALL nominees in the Roy Romanow Student Council Chamber, Room 110.3, Upper Place Riel at 4:30 pm. Chaired by the Chief Returning Officer.

March 13
Academic standing checks for nominees.

March 15
Confirmation of academic standing.

March 20
Campaigning begins at 12:01 am.

March 29
Voting begins at 9:00 am.

March 30
Voting ends at 4:00 pm.  Deadline for formal complaints, must be delivered to the ACRO by 4:00 pm.

Elections Committee meets at 4:00 pm. to discuss disciplinary matters and to ratify the results, which will be emailed from PAWS to the ACRO by 4:30 pm.

Election results, subject to further discipline, are announced in Place Riel.

All campaign material must be removed by 11:59 pm.

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