CH / Canadian Rockies Snow & Ice Presentations: 14th April 2011

The Centre for Hydrology’s ‘Canadian Rockies Snow & Ice‘ initiative is partnering with the Western Watersheds Climate Research Collaborative and Interpretive Guides Association to present ‘Storm Warning: Emerging Issues in Water & Climate Science‘.
Presentations will provide a synopsis of recent advancements in glacial research and hydro-climatic science related to the interface between ice, water and the atmosphere, here in the Rockies and around the world.
The Forum will be moderated by Dr Ed Johnson, Director of the University of Calgary’s Biogeoscience Institute, and speakers will include Dr Mike Demuth (head of the Glaciology Division of the Geological Survey of Canada), Jocelyn Hirose (University of Calgary, glaciology), and Bob Sandford (EPCOR Chair in support of the United Nations Water for Life Decade in Canada). More information is available here.
The event will take place in the Canmore Collegiate High School Theatre at 7pm on Thursday, April 14th, 2011.