IP3 and DRI in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix

The Saskatoon Star Phoenix included an editorial in its issue of 21st June 2011 discussing the need for increased funding of hydrological research, in order to improve methods for predicting and mitigating the effects of climate change, and included mention of the IP3 and DRI networks.
This topic has been brought into particular focus by this spring’s severe flooding throughout the Prairie Provinces.
The article is available from the Star Phoenix site, or in PDF form here.

CH’s Marmot Creek Research Basin in the news

The 10 June 2011 edition of Canmore’s Rocky Mountain Outlook newspaper included an overview of the extreme variability in snowpack and melt behaviour observed in Marmot Creek and other sites through the Alberta Rockies this spring: the article is available here.
The same edition also profiled the PUB2011-P3 workshop held in May (here).