Pomeroy / Shook SWA Flood Report in the News

CBC News has posted a report about a recent review of operations at Lake Diefenbaker preceding and during the floods of late Spring 2011, conducted by U of S hydrologists Prof John Pomeroy and Dr Kevin Shook: the article is available on the CBC Website.
The Winnipeg Free Press also published its perspective on the report.
The study, conducted on behalf of the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority, highlights the challenges of striking the right balance when trading-off the competing demands of flood protection, electricty generation and water supply. It notes that minimum water levels in the lake have been rising over the years, and that inflows from snowmelt and rainfall were – despite the best efforts of SWA staff – under-predicted, due in part to a paucity of gauges in the watersheds which drain into the lake.
The report is available as a PDF from the SWA website at the following URL.