Postdoctoral Fellow Opportunity: Water Resource Systems

The Global Institute for Water Security and the Department of Civil and Geological Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan are seeking applicants for a postdoctoral position in water resource systems.
The successful candidate will contribute to the development of a basin-wide water resource systems modelling framework using optimization-based and simulation-based techniques: this project seeks to
– Integrate socioeconomic and hydrological aspects of water resources;
– Introduce anthropogenic impacts into large scale watershed hydrology;
– Develop tools which facilitate negotiations and decision-making, and reflect the input of researchers, policy makers, and water users.
Full details of the competition are available at

Graduate Student Wins Outstanding Student Paper Award from American Geophysical Union

Chris Marsh won the Outstanding Student Paper Award from the American Geophysical Union at its Fall Meeting in San Francisco, California in December 2012 for his presentation Implications of mountain shading on calculating energy for snowmelt using unstructured triangular meshes, based on his MSc thesis in the Centre for Hydrology, Dept. of Geography & Planning. Chris is currently a PhD student in the Centre for Hydrology, co-supervised by John Pomeroy and Howard Wheater.
Congratulations to Chris on this prestigious international award.