News media cover Marmot Creek Workshop

In late February, the Centre for Hydrology hosted a workshop at its Coldwater Lab (located at the University of Calgary’s BioGeoScience Institute near Kananaskis), to mark 50 years of activity at the nearby Marmot Creek Research Basin.
The meeting generated interest from several local and regional newspapers;
Calgary Herald, 4th March 2013
Rocky Mountain Outlook, 14th March 2013
Rocky Mountain Outlook, 14th February 2013
Calgary Herald, 23rd February 2013
Saskatoon Star Phoenix, 25th February 2013
Rocky Mountain Outlook, 14th March 2013
Information about the workshop, including presentations given by a range of eminent hydrologists and CH alumni, is available here


Nicholas Kinar, a PhD student at the University of Saskatchewan’s Centre for Hydrology, was interviewed recently by CKOM – News Talk 650 Radio, about his innovative System for the Acoustic Sensing of Snow (SAS2), which uses sound-waves to infer properties such as density, depth, temperature and wetness.
Details are available on the station’s website, here.