Opportunities in the Changing Cold Regions Network

The Changing Cold Regions Network (CCRN) is a major new initiative to be led by the Global Institute for Water Security, with substantial participation by members of the Centre for Hydrology, and linking 8 Canadian universities, 4 government agencies and 15 key international academic collaborators.
Participants will study interactions between cryospheric, ecological, hydrological and climate components at multiple scales, with particular emphasis on Western Canada’s rapidly changing cold interior, including the Western Cordillera, Western Boreal Forest, Lowland Permafrost and Prairies, the Saskatchewan, Mackenzie and Peace-Athabasca basins, and the regional climate system.
The network is now seeking a number of world-class post-graduate students and post-doctoral fellows, as detailed in the full listing available in PDF format here. More information about GIWS is available at www.usask.ca/water.