CH Fellow Publishes New Book on Climate Threats

CH Fellow Bob Sandford, who also serves as EPCOR Chair for the UN University Institute for Water and Health, has recently co-authored a new book considering the risks and impacts associated with anthropogenic climate-change.

Written in partnership with Dr Jon O’Riordan, the book – titled The Climate Nexus: Water, Food, Energy and Biodiversity in a Changing World – explores connectivities between the climate-related threats currently looming over each of these components of the natural and human environments.

Intended to provide an accessible synopsis of key related issues and possible mitigating responses, the book draws on research from CH, the Adaptation to Climate Change Team at Simon Fraser University, the University of Victoria’s Centre for Global Studies and other leading authorities on climate-related matters.

Sandford comments that the book “… explains the nexus of water, food, energy and biodiversity to show how critical the effect of changes of one are on the others. We hope to be able to demonstrate though, this is how we need to think differently about that nexus so that we can respond appropriately in terms of mitigating the impacts and adapting to the changing political structure”.

The Climate Nexus was profiled by both Vancouver’s Georgia Strait (here) and the Bow Valley’s Crag and Canyon (here) on 23rd December 2015: full publication details are available here.