Your role as a student of Drama


Theatre is one of those things that cannot be done in solitude. Even a monologue needs an audience-- after all-- what is the sound of one hand clapping? So, this course like any great theatrical production, needs your participation and your contributions in order to make the theatre magic happen.

Interactions between yourself, the instructor and your fellow students will happen in a few different ways over the next thirteen weeks. The main way you'll be participating is through the Canvas Discussion Forums. We'll be using the Canvas Discussion Forums to write weekly posts, answer challenges set out by the instructor and to comment and discuss with our peers on a variety of course topics.

Another way we'll be working together later in the term is through a Group Project. This assignment will give you the opportunity to collaborate with your peers on creating a theatre company, and then directing, casting, and designing a play chosen by your group. Online group work can be tricky without a good solid game plan, so be sure to explore the tips and tricks for successful group work page when it comes time to start getting together.