Module 9: Learning Activities

Collective Visioning

It’s time to have the big talk; the vision for your production. But in order to have an informed opinion you’ll each need to come to the discussion having read the play and having identified what YOU feel are the play’s most important elements (plot, character, idea, language, music, spectacle) and what are the play’s major themes, images, and key words that can be used to creatively serve the production.

If you are the Director of your company it will be your role this week to facilitate this conversation and attempt to synthesize your company members’ ideas into one collective vision. By being extra diligent in reading each thread of discussion within the conversation and by commenting and responding to questions or concerns, you the director, must mediate conflict and make the hard decisions. Directors are ultimately responsible for insuring that the text of the play: the stage directions, the setting, period etc., are true to the playwright’s intention. The text is the blueprint for the production and can’t be rewritten. Any deviations or adaptations must be thoroughly justified. At the end of the week the Director will need to formulate this final Collective Vision Statement that captures your company’s concept for production. This Vision Statement should be posted in the Group Discussion Board within Canvas so that your company can reference it whenever they need.