Module 2: What is Theatre?


Learning Objectives

By the end of this Learning Module you should be able to:

  1. Differentiate theatre from other types of performance or entertainment.
  2. Describe the traits of theatre discussed in this module.

Module Instructions

  1. Read through the Learning Material in this module and interact with the media as it is presented to you.
  2. Read Theatre: Performance and Art PDF available in the Canvas DRAM 108 course site under Module 2 Readings in the main menu  due to copyright conditions.
  3. Complete the Learning Activities listed within the module content.
  4. Interact with your classmates posts in the Canvas Discussion Forums.

Required Readings

  1. Patterson, J, et al. (2011). Theatre: Performance and Art. In The Enjoyment of Theatre, 8th Edition (pp. 2-14). Pearson

Key Terms and Concepts

  • doer(s) (performer)
  • watcher(s) (audience)
  • relationship between doers & watchers
  • something is done (presentation)
  • real site or space, often with artificial settings
  • movement through time
  • self-awareness