Module 6: Learning Activities

At this mid-way point in the course, you will be embarking on a number of long-term projects that will take us to the end of term. Therefore, it’s important that you take some time this week to become familiar with the details of a few of your major assignments and begin to make preparations towards their completion. Here are a few steps you should take this week to begin these journeys:

Major Live Play Review

At the start of term you were asked to research and contribute some local theatre events happening in your area to the Theatre Event Calendar. If you haven’t already done so, return to this calendar and select a live production happening between now and the due date. As part of your Major Live Play Review assignment you’ll need attend a live theatre production of your choosing and then, referencing the materials from this learning module, write a theatrical review of the play to be submitted in the Canvas Assignments folder for this course. Assignment details can be found within the Canvas course under the Assignments folder in the main menu. Canvas is also where you will submit your review for grading and where your marks will appear– after the review has been evaluated. Contact your instructor if you have any questions about this process.

Theatre Companies

The second thing you’ll need to do this week is connect with your assigned theatre company. As part of the Major Production Design assignment you have been assigned to a mock Theatre Company. Along with your fellow company members you will, over the next five weeks, design a complete theatrical production of one of the plays from this course’s selections. Each week there will be tasks to be completed and it will be important for you and your company to keep up with your assigned duties to make your company’s production a success. To discover what company you have been “hired” by, you can visit the Canvas component of this course and look for your Group in People link in the Main Menu. I strongly encourage you to make contact with group members this week to introduce yourselves and look over the assignment details for a road map of the activities to come. Again, detailed instructions for this assignment are available in the  Assignments section of your Canvas course component.

There is a sample of a completed group assignment in your Canvas course. Click Modules in the main menu and look for the Major Production Designs section.

Click HERE to see a sample of this completed group assignment built in WordPress.

For those of you who may be a bit apprehensive about this online group work please take a moment to view the video below and know that there is help along the way and that there are collaborative tools available for the journey.

Note: Blackboard has been replaced at the University of Saskatchewan with Canvas. Therefore, the available group tools discussed at 1:05 of this video will be similar, but slightly different for your group work.