Module 8: Learning Activities

Write a Synopsis Discussion Post – M8P1

By next Monday you’ll need to have read and chosen for your group one of these plays:

From Module 4: Hamlet, The Glass Menagerie, or Oedipus Rex; or,

From The Play Review Assignment: The Crucible, or Romeo and Juliet.

You must have identified major theatrical elements, themes, images, and keywords and composed a ~200 word synopsis for your fellow company members. Post your synopsis into your Group Discussion Board for your company members to see.

Discuss and Choose a Play

By the end of the week you’ll want to have connected with your group to choose the play you’re going to produce. Once your company has agreed or voted on a play to produce based on the synopsis’ it’s important that everyone gets a chance to read the play. MAKE SURE YOU’VE READ THE PLAY.

Start to think about how YOU’D like to see the play presented and how your role will be impacted. Next week you’ll begin the process of coming up with a shared vision of your theatrical production. You’ll identify important elements, major themes, images and key words that will help shape how the play is presented. Perhaps you envision Streetcar in a futuristic setting or Hamlet as a wild west production. Or maybe you just see a colour playing a prominent symbolic role at key plot points.