Get up to speed fast with the new Canvas LMS

The new Learning Management System (LMS) is reason to celebrate. But transitioning to new learning technologies can also be a little daunting. Although DEU, GMCTL, and ICT will be working hard to develop professional learning plans that merge teaching and learning practices with technical skills, and will be designed to support a change in either or both within the new LMS, you may want to take some time on your own to orient yourself with the LMS update. USask training will take place throughout the summer for early adopters and into the fall and beyond for those transitioning for winter term. Keep an eye out on for these and other opportunities as they come available.

In this post, however, the Instructional Design Team at the Distance Education Unit has curated a few resources from Canvas to get you familiar and even, up and running in Canvas, quickly and easily.

Set Up Your Canvas Course in 30 minutes or Less

Fortunately, Canvas offers lots of great self-help resources along with their LMS to get you up to speed no matter your level of familiarity. One of the great collections of resources they offer is a 5 part video series designed to get you started with an overview of Canvas, how to build and manage a course, and how to create and manage course content. Follow the link below for these introductory videos.

Set up your canvas course in 30 minutes less

Instructor Guide

Another great resource from Canvas is the Instructor Guide which provides an alphabetical table of contents (TOC). Each topic/tool in the TOC links to a database of FAQs. Each FAQ takes you to the full documentation and guide which answers that question. When you’re not sure what questions to ask this type of resource can be very useful in helping you navigate your learning. Follow the link below.

Canvas Instructor Guide

Canvas Community

Finally we’d encourage you to explore the wider Canvas Community. Canvas Community is a forum for Instructors, Designers, Students, and Administrators who all share knowledge and support one another across the globe. The common thread is that they are all Canvas users and they all started out knowing nothing. Lot’s of great conversations, but also links to videos, guides, and samples available here.

Follow the link and find the Canvas Community.

Canvas Community

USask Updates and Opportunities

For more support and information about the transition to Canvas keep an eye out on the following sites for updates and opportunities.

LMS updates, training, project and technical details are all available online. is always a great option if you just need to talk to an instructional designer whose been there before.