Gaining insights from student feedback

Sometimes it’s difficult to know what’s working in your online class and what barriers students are quietly navigating without feedback. A common practice in post secondary institutions is to collect student evaluations at the end of the term to better understand what students thought of the course design and your teaching strategies. At the Distance Education Unit (DEU) we encourage instructors to create spaces for students to provide feedback throughout the term allowing you to make small changes on the fly and enhancing the student learning experience while it still counts.

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DEU EdTech Quick Tips – Issue 2

In this Issue: Connecting with Students Online

    • How-To Best Communicate with your Class at a Distance
    • Weekly WebEx Drop-In: Strategies for communicating remotely/online – Q&A
    • Did you know… There are Online Activity Guides to help you nurture your Virtual Learning Community?
    • Dig Deeper: Humanizing Online Teaching and Learning – Open Textbook
    • DEU Support and Contact Information.

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