DEU EdTech Quick Tips – Issue 16

In this Issue: ePortfolios – Tools and Tips

    • Did you know… We have a new Canvas integrated ePortfolio system?
    • How-To: Use simple portfolios at the course level
    • Dig Deeper: Designing Effective ePortfolio Activities – Online Workshop
    • DEU support and contact information

Did you know…We have a new Canvas integrated ePortfolio system?

The Portfolium Network is a space where students can showcase their achievements to potential employers and connect with other Folio users. Folios not only display tangible examples of students’ work, they provide proof of competence and skill mastery. As an instructor you can create ePortfolio activities in your class that help students create shining examples of their competancies and showcase the work-ready skills coming out of your programs and department.

In this blog post we give a quick introduction to Portfolium and then jump into a guided tour of setting up a student portfolio in Canvas. A portfolio shouldn’t be simply an archive of student work; instead, the real value is found in portfolios as living, dynamic presentations of learning, developing competencies, and intellectual and professional growth. With lots of helpful links to further resources this blog post will get your students set-up to begin contributing to their portfolios and sharing what they know in a clear and organized manner.

Find out more about how to get your students started with Portfolium in Canvas

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How-to: Use simple portfolios at the course level

Often ePortfolios are used as a tool for students to collect and share evidence of their competencies across an entire academic program.  But what if you’re looking to use a portfolio style assessment just at the class level? In this blog post we take a look at a few different types of basic portfolio designs and the simple tools you might use to get the job done. Working portfolios, showcase portfolios and reflective portfolios are all discussed.

Find out about basic portfolio-based assessments and simple tools for the job

Dig Deeper: Designing Effective ePortfolio Activities – Online Workshop

Sam Taylor developed a great online workshop to help instructors design effective activities for ePortfolio tools.

In this workshop she focuses on portfolio activities where learners must reflect on their journey to meet a set of competencies, as well as providing authentic evidence to back-up their claims.

This workshop can either be done as an individual activity online, or be used to facilitate a group activity in a classroom.

Click here to access the online workshop