Module 10: Additional Resources


  • Debate: a formal discussion where both sides of an argument are put forward
  • Food safety: the degree to which processes and regulations surrounding how we handle, prepare and store to reduce the risk of health hazards
  • Food security: the ability to provide adequate, nutritious and accessible food and affordable prices
  • GM food: food that has been genetically altered
  • Growth hormones: a hormone that stimulates growth in animals
  • Organic agriculture: an agricultural production process that adheres to strict principles regarding the minimal use of non-organic inputs
  • Price premium: the percentage by which a product’s price is greater than a counterpart
  • SPLEEEMR: a mnemonic that helps debaters remember types of arguments that stands for social, political, legal, economic, environmental, ethical, military and religious
  • Supply chains: the processes involved in producing food from farm to table


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Supplementary Resources

Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) website:

Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada website:

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